9/11 Conspiracy Theory explained

conspiracy theory nutterThere are a large number of people who accept the general concept of conspiracy theory. Many believe that the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centre (and Building 7 don’t forget) was actually a staged event. They then logically conclude that it must have been carried out in order to propel the world into a perpetual state of war. Commonly referred to as “The War on Terror.”

However there is another considerably larger group of people who believe that anyone who considers the possibility of conspiracy theory must hate America, democracy, the west, apple pie and freedom. They also say that the so called “Truthers” are a deluded bunch of terrorist sympathisers who also believe that the world is being run by Pterodactyls in cahoots with Satan worshipping extra-terrestrials.

An even larger group of people don’t give a shit about conspiracy theory as long as it doesn’t interfere with the latest celebrity gossip or reruns of the 2013 XFactor quarterfinals. They should be fairly content in their apathy because, once they’ve had the GPS tracking, biometric chip planted into their frontal lobe, that’s all they’ll be able watch anyway without projectile vomiting and passing out.

If all this reading stuff is annoying you why not check out the video about 9/11 conspiracy theory below.

So for those of you who do have a passing interest let’s take a look at the official story of 9/11.

On the morning of September 11th 2001, 19 men armed with cell phones and box cutters successfully overpowered both the passengers and 4 combat trained pilots, on four separate planes. They then flew them, for more than an hour after they had been identified as being hijacked, through the most heavily defended strategic airspace on the planet. In a remarkable lapse of standard defence procedure, none of these aircraft were intercepted by any military planes.

This was due to the fact that there were at least 4 terrorist training drills going on at precisely the same time as terrorist were actually committing the same terrorist acts that forces were training to combat. This was happening far, far away from where the attacks were really happening. Thereby ensuring that the forces, who would normally have responded, were both confused and in the wrong place.

What a coincidence!

They were apparently assisted in this incredible endeavour by Osama Bin Laden (OBL.) OBL was in a hospitalised in the Pakistan city of Rawalpindi at the time. He directed the operation from his hospital bed using a satellite phone and a laptop, despite being under heavy Pakistani military guard. One should note that those who don’t believe in conspiracy theory do believe in this one.

The 19 party animal hijackers, who loved sniffing coke, sleeping with prostitutes and drinking excessively, were motivated to commit suicide attacks because of their devout religious fundamentalism.

They destroyed 3 buildings in New York with 2 aircraft. Despite the fact that all three building were designed and equipped to withstand both aircraft strikes and the resulting fires. These relatively low level fires caused all three to completely vaporise in a pyroclastic flow at freefall acceleration. This defied both the laws of physics and all reasonable probability. They remain unique as the only three steel constructed skyscrapers to have ever entirely collapsed as a result of fire anywhere on the planet. . . . . . . . . . . Ever.

conspiracy theory no evidenceMeanwhile, in Washington, a hijacker, who had miserably failed to learn how to fly a crop duster, managed to execute an incredibly tight, 270 degree, corkscrew descent in a 110 ton, twin engine jet airliner. He then manually flew it at an altitude of about 15 meters, precisely parallel with the ground, at 500 miles an hour. He consequently defeated both the laws of physics (again) and all the defence and surveillance systems of the Pentagon. This was probably the most highly secured building on earth.

He then slammed it directly into the budget analyst office. This is precisely where department of defence staff were storing evidence relating to the investigation of missing $2.3 trillion that had been officially announced as having “gone missing” from the national purse. This was according to a statement made only the day before by the Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld.

Some distance away, in Shanksville Pennsylvania, the fourth 110 tone airliners crashed in, what was reported as, an explosive fireball. Again the plane, all the people that perished and everything on it simply evaporated leaving behind no visible wreckage, human remains or fuel contaminated soil samples.

Fortunately, despite the complexity of the plot, back in New York, the mainstream media new exactly who’d done it within minutes. They widely reported that the act was sponsored by OBL on the actual day of the attacks.

In fact some even knew what had happened before it happened. The BBC reported the collapse of WTC 7 (also called the The Salomon Building) 20 minutes before it actually collapsed.

The politicians had discovered who was responsible within a day as the president announced, not only that it was a terrorist act (although no one had claimed responsibility for it) but also that there were a number of countries who were to blame for it as well. Fortunately the FBI were subsequently able to find vital evidence which fortunately backed up the Presidents and the news anchors earlier claims.

Remarkably, despite the fact that everything on the plane that struck the North tower was incinerated in the initial impact, one of the hijackers passports had survived both the initial impact, the ensuing explosions and the subsequent total atomization of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of solid steel and concrete.

Whilst the FBI couldn’t locate a single one of the “black box” flight data recorders from the WTC planes, they did find a passports belonging to some of the hijackers. Why they had their passports with them, when none were required to board any of the flights upon which they intended to kill themselves, remains a peculiar mystery.

This was even more fortunate than one might imagine given that the evidence at the actual crime scene, prior to being examined, in contravention of any known investigative procedure, was quickly packed up (as soon as it had cooled down and stopped exploding) before being shipped off to China for disposal.

It was at this point that the pterodactyl loving, lunatic fringe of people who thought something didn’t quite add up (such as family members of the 9/11 victims) started bleating on about an official investigation into what had happened.

Despite the fact that this was the single largest attack on American soil in its history, for some reason, the administration of the day seemed strangely reluctant to open an official investigation.

After years of stalling they eventually set up the 9/11 commission and initially funded it to the tune of $5 million with $3million for the investigation itself. Following pressure from the commission, they later extended this funding to $15 million. This may sound like a lot but, given that the investigation into the Monika Lewinski affair cost $47 million, it appeared that the murder of 3000 people was less important to the security of the nation than a sweaty fumble in the Oval office (no pun intended.)

The investigation was largely based upon evidence extracted through torture, which was then completely destroyed.

The 9/11 Commission Report was apparently focused upon completely failing to address the relevant issues.

It didn’t mention the third building that collapsed (WTC 7) at all (perhaps it fell over in sympathy); the existence of the prior intelligence operation called “Able Danger” which identified some of the terror cells that were later found to be complicit in the attacks; the key involvement of the defence contractor Ptech in the aviation coordination management software that so conspicuously failed on 9/11; the offered testimonies of the numerous security operatives that questioned the investigations in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, such as Sibel Edmonds, who reported that documents relating to the attacks were deliberately mistranslated; the known links between Osama Bin Laden and the C.I.A or the Bin Laden and the Bush families or made any mention of the planned exercises that precisely mimicked the attacks whilst they were taking place.

The commission was lied to by the Pentagon, the C.I.A and the Bush administration. Furthermore George W.Bush and Dick Cheney, despite being called to testify, only agreed to do so in secret, off the record, behind closed doors and refused to swear an oath.

In one of its more remarkable statements the commission reported that the funding of the 9/11 attacks, referring to the individuals who contracted out the murder of 3000 people, was “of little practical significance.” This is presumably because they don’t believe in conspiracy theory.

One of the original members of the commission’s board, Senator Cleland, resigned shortly after it started stating that “the Whitehouse has played a cover up.”

Of the 10 who lasted the course, 6 have subsequently, publicly criticised the official report. This included the Chairman, Sr. Thomas Kean, who said that the commission was “set up to fail.”

The data used by NIST to model the collapse of World Trade Centre 7 has been classified because they claim that knowing how they arrived at their apparently illogical conclusions would “jeopardise public safety.”

cospiracy theoryThen there’s the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

Despite being pursued by the most technologically advanced and richest security apparatus in the history of the planet, the most wanted man in the world managed to apparently escape his secret mountain cave lair, then evade capture from Tora Bora before finally being discovered, 10 years later, living in his house.

In the interim he released a series of video’s taunting his pursuers in which he variously appeared to be either getting younger or transmogrifying into someone else entirely.

He was then killed, in his house, in a raid that wasn’t filmed by Navy SEAL team 6. They then removed his body and handed over to the U.S Navy who, presumably as a mark of respect for his faith, buried it at sea within 12hrs. The number of official photographs which prove his demise (hitherto a common practice for selling the dead terrorist victories to the media) added up to a total of none at all.

Of course, by killing him then rapidly disposing of his body, no one was ever able to interrogate him to find out what else he may have known about al-Qaeda. Theye were then an enemy that the whole western world was fighting and were presumably an organisation the supposed leader could have shed some light on. So that was a bit of a pity from an actually fighting them point of view.

Perhaps some of SEAL team 6, who were involved, could be asked about this but sadly 22 of them were killed in a helicopter crash. This was the single largest loss of SEAL team lives in a single day, ever in their illustrious history.

Because some people said the story was all too convenient and lacked any evidence to substantiate it no evidence whatsoever has been released to substantiate it.

So if you question any part of this story, like more than half of the families who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks, you are a wacko, drug taking deviant with a sociopathic, terrorist loving, intellectual superiority complex. You should be tried for treason and have any record of your expressed opinion expunged from the history of our open and free society.

However if you accept the story then you are a true patriot who loves your country. You presumably accept the need to fight perpetual war and give up your civil liberties in the name of freedom.

Good luck with that. I’m sure your government will continue to protect you.

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