Stop Believing In Science and Start Stating Facts.

By saying that we believe in evolution are we suggesting there is an alternative explanation? Do we believe the Earth is 4.54 billion years old or is it simply a fact. By using our language cautiously are we allowing others with unproven, subjective ideologies the opportunity to masquerade faith as science. I suggest that we can both change the nature of the debate and future understanding if we are more confident instating evidential fact.


What Does Critical Thinking Mean ?

What does critical thinking mean? Why is it important and what can we learn from understanding it? Critical thinking is the basis upon which science, engineering, maths, technological development and so much more is built. But what benefit can it be for you and I as individuals? Does it matter what way we think? In this article we discuss the relative composition and merits of the skill of critical thinking. It reveals what it is and why it could be an important element of your life.

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Who Developed The Scientific Method?

Who developed the scientific method? In truth it wasn’t just one person or distinct culture but rather has been the ongoing development of an idea that spans both the centuries and the continents . However there have been some notable and eminent contributors over the ages who developed the scientific method further. In this article we look at who some of these scientists and natural philosophers were and assess their part in this fascinating story.