Is John Nicolson a Brainwashed Dupe?

The so called “awakening”, that many in the “truther” movement are convinced is imminent, is, I suggest, nowhere in sight. Witness (as admittedly inconclusive evidence) John Nicolson on the BBC Andrew Marr program this morning (18/12/2016.) In a brief roundup some of the major news stories of 2016 the guests were asked to choose an[…]


Geopolitics – What Is It ?

Some awareness of geopolitics is a central tenet of many peoples co called conspiracy theories. But with the term having such a pejorative meaning these days should people who are concerned about geopolitics distance themselves from it? Well in order to understand if that’s the case you firstly need to have an idea about what geopolitics are and why the term conspiracy theory has become a description for those widely perceived as being fucking mental.