Jeremy Corbyn And Why I’m Voting For Him

Firstly this is an opinion piece about why I will vote for Jeremy Corbyn. It’s not an investigation, it’s an opinion, but it is mine.

There’s a lot of BS being flung about. So, as a Corbyn supporter may I state why I will be voting for him? I broadly see it like this:

There are a bunch of corporate lobbyists, establishment careerists and political chameleons who want to ensure they maintain their power and influence. They have chosen the Labour Party as a vehicle to achieve their ambitions.

They’re not too concerned about promoting socialism, equality or human rights but are concerned that Labour Party members pose them a significant “deselection” threat. They are part of a breed of neo liberals who claim to be socialists but whose primary concern is the continuation of a social, political and economic order which enshrines their sense of self entitled superiority.

They work closely with a broad, cross party coalition of likeminded individuals who have also infested the political system.

Their collective aim is to promote the interests of the corporations and financial institutions who own them, in return for which they will receive lucrative positions, consultancy fees and various honours.

The majority of a rapidly growing Labour Party membership has been inspired by the re-emergence of a genuine socialist leader called Jeremy Corbyn.

Many Labour Party members are ready to mobilise behind this leader and his team in order to once again bring an awareness of the benefits of socialism to the wider electorate. Many of whom have practically given up on the idea of politics ever delivering anything other than crushing austerity and injustice.

The Corbyn supporters know that people will rally to this message but that they have to take it to the streets themselves because the money men (and they are predominantly men) who own the political careerists, also own and completely control the media.

The careerists will do anything they can to stop people from challenging their stolen authority.

They do this by working closely with their partners in the media. They like to use disinformation and faked outrage to give the impression that the Leader is unelectable.

A favourite tactic is to point to low poll ratings and claim that it proves their own “unelectability” myth. This is a “no brainer” for them because they both caused the slide in the ratings, by rendering the party virtually unelectable themselves through the internal chaos they created, and by virtue of the fact that many of the polling companies are also owned and controlled by their rich backers.

Another favourite tactic is to accuse people of bullying, harassment, threatening behaviour and intimidation. Despite the fact that there is little or no evidence to back up any of these accusations.

Yet another is to accuse people of anti-Semitism, especially if they are critical of the Israeli governments continued killing of children. Once again there is little or no evidence to substantiate this nasty slur. That they would cynically eploit genocide perhaps reveals all you need to know about these people.

So the Labour leadership election is not really about choosing a leader. It is a fight for control of the only possible political challenge to the hegemony of a corrupt and oppressive corporate oligarchy.

If Labour members are content to have their party controlled by the corporations, bankers and militarists then they should elect someone like Owen Smith. He is funded and supported by the likes of Alistair Campbell, Peter Mandelson and Portland Communications.

However if they want a Labour Party that represents the interests of the British people, that builds upon the strengths of its membership and aims to win elections by offering a genuine, modern socialist alternative to the electorate, then they must vote for Jeremy Corbyn. He is supported by the Unions and the membership of the party he leads.

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