How Can I Make A Difference In The World – In 2 Easy Steps

How Can I Make A difference In the World ?

how can I make a difference in the worldHow can I make a difference in the world? It’s something many of us may have asked. I guess you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. However, when we look at the world we live in, and it’s seemingly insurmountable problems, asking how can an individual make a difference is rather like asking how a mosquito can stop a juggernaut. This can lead one to conclude that the whole exercise is pointless and we may as well enjoy ourselves while the world burns. Personally, as long as you don’t hurt anyone else, I see little problem with this point of view. However if that is what you think then the chances are you won’t find much fulfillment in life.

Often when you ask how you can make a difference in the world people suggest that you make a difference simply by caring for someone else. I would also wholeheartedly support this. As a person who is lucky enough to love and be loved I realise that my world is held within the arms of those who matter to me most. It is not being melodramatic to say that, without them, I’m not sure what my world would be or even if I’d want any part of it.

By caring for someone else we give something of ourselves. Being selfless in this way is contributing to world and we are, in effect, making a difference. However, I kind of suspect that this is not the answer you envisage when you ask “how can I make a difference in the world.”

As you may know, here at In This Together I propose that one of the best ways we can care or each for other is by tackling inequality. We can do this by generating better incomes for ourselves. The logic behind this is very simple. Without economic choice we have to spend our time, energy and resources on simply surviving. If we are personally successful then we have more time, more money and more of ourselves to give to others. This would enable those of us that care to do so, to invest in social enterprises, to invest in our local communities and support charitable organisations and to improve standards of education and health & social care. However we can only do this if we have the surplus income to do so/ For most ordinary people like you and I, this is made genuinely possible by building a successful online business.

However there are other ways to make a difference. So let’s start by looking at someone who made a difference in the world.

Adolph Hitler (1889 – 1945) wrote a crap book called “Mein Kampf” and ruthlessly exploited his people to lead the world to the brink of destruction as German Chancellor. He was personally responsible for the deaths of millions and all because some people told him that he couldn’t paint for shit. Which he couldn’t.

OK maybe he’s not a very good example? Lets look at someone else who made a difference.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948) wrote a fantastic book called “The Story of My Experiments With Truth.” He was a lawyer who inspired and led his people to political and national independence by promoting the idea of non violent protest. He ceaselessly fought for human rights throughout his life and was personally responsible for the emancipation of millions of impoverished people around the world.

So if you are going to ask how can I make a difference in the world perhaps you need to first concern yourself with what kind of difference you want to make.

How Can I Make A Difference In The World In 2 Easy Steps

Step 1: What’s important to you?

So let’s assume you don’t want to eradicate millions of your fellow human beings and would rather contribute in some way. The first thing you need to identify is what’s important to you.

Perhaps you are passionate about environmental protection, animal welfare, fighting social injustice or your local council; maybe you love cooking, fishing or dog walking; possibly you are a gifted artist, enjoy singing or have a caring nature.

The point is that whatever your interests, skills, or cause by giving something selflessly you will impact upon others. Whether you enrich one persons life or millions your impact is no less important.

So once you know what matters to you what should you do next?

Step 2: Do something?

Whatever you choose to give the only ways to make a change to the world are to actually do something about it. This is not meant as a facetious comment but is rather intended as a genuine step in learning to make a world of difference.

There are millions of people throughout history who have had massive impacts upon those around them or the world they live in. No matter what age or culture they cam from, regardless of the nature of their contribution they all have one thing in common.

Each and every single one of them gave something of themselves by doing something. Perhaps they helped children overcome illness, perhaps they wrote beautiful poetry or designed better bridges. No matter what their contribution was they all acted. It is the doing that makes a difference.

So if you ask yourself how can I make a difference in the world start by thinking about what you have to give and then go out into the world and give it.

Make that change now.

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