Geopolitics – What Is It ?

geopolitics what is itHere at In This Together I rant about conspiracy theories. Whenever you mention conspiracy theory most people look at you like you’ve completely lost the plot.

This is usually because, for them, being a conspiracy theorist means that you believe the world is controlled by salamanders or the greys have shape shifted and are now working in Nandos slipping MK Ultra into your chimichangas.

People who all too quickly dismiss the idea of conspiracy often focus upon these more extreme beliefs to dismiss conspiracy theories as a whole.

This is perfectly understandable because most people like to think to themselves as fairly rational with a reasonable grasp of reality.

However all a conspiracy theory really means is a suggestion that there may be a plan by two or more people to commit an unlawful or harmful act.

This is a perfectly sound legal concept used to prosecute criminals in pretty much every country on earth.

Prior to 1964 conspiracy theory was simply a term used to describe the idea that some people could conspire to commit acts for their own benefit to detriment of others. There were very few people who would consider this to be anything other than entirely reasonable.

However, following the Warren Commission Report into the alleged conspiracy behind the Kennedy Assassination the CIA issued a directive called Countering Criticism of The Warren Commission Report.

In that directive the C.I.A outlined a number of techniques that “should” be used to counter any criticism of the state’s narrative of events.

These included the planned repetition of statements such as “no new significant evidence has emerged” no matter who was highlighting such evidence or how much there was of it; stating that critics overvalue some elements and ignore others; suggesting that it would be impossible to conceal a large scale conspiracy in a democracy; suggesting that critics are afflicted with an overabundance of intellectual pride and “fall in love” with theories;

The directive also instructed people to “employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics.”

Sound familiar?

It should because these arguments have become pretty widespread in recent years. Especially since 9/11.

Many will say that this is because conspiracy theorists believe silly shit.

However you need to understand that most so called “conspiracy theorists” do not believe in bizarre pan dimensional beings or Alien plots to poison the water supply.

What most believe is that “conspiracy” has become a dirty word because there are many governments and international corporate, political and financial powerbrokers who would like the general public to remain largely unaware of their activities and would really prefer it if their critics would stop pointing out what they are actually doing.

Most conspiracy theorists believe that geopolitics is very real and, if people would only care to take a look at the evidence, they would soon come to realise that what the mainstream media tells them about world events is about as truthful as Bill Clinton’s dry cleaner.

head up arse

A Conpiracy Theorist

The pejorative use of the term conspiracy theorist has been widely used to discredit anyone who suggests that there is good reason to believe that we are being widely misled about the reality of geopolitics.

So what is geopolitics and why should you care about.

Fundamentally it’s about understanding the use of power on a global scale.

It looks at how global forces influence politics, economics and foreign policy around the world.

It considers events in terms of their historical and strategic context, especially in relation to national economic and military power ambitions.

It looks at how factors like economics, population, the presence of natural resources, and technology combine to affect the relations between states and the struggle for world domination.

It looks at world events as being part of an age old system of power brokerage between global economic, political, military and industrial interests.

Many of the people who are ridiculed as being wacko “conspiracy theorists” are simply trying to highlight the many geopolitical crimes that have been committed throughout history and continue to be committed to this day.

To simply dismiss people who make these criticisms and provide evidence of these crimes is to accept two inherent principles.

Firstly that those who wield power on the international stage are entirely benign and would never do anything to harm the general population. Of which you and your family are members by the way.

And secondly that, even if the some geopolitical forces are harmful, there’s not much we can do about it so we might as well not worry about it.

The thing is if you actually take a little time to look at geopolitics it soon becomes pretty clear that millions of people have been killed, and are being killed every day, as part of the power play between global forces whose motives usually boil down to the relentless pursuit of power and increased profit margins.

It is also worth noting that there are plenty of examples of popular uprisings that have successfully overthrown established hegemonies often through the use of passive, mass resistance.

Collectively people do have the power to effect change and the hope of many people who try to draw attention the reality of geopolitics is that, when people do become aware of what’s actually going on, they will demands change.

So before you simply dismiss people who have been labelled by others as some sort of conspiracy nut job just take a moment to look at the evidence they are pointing to.

If you think they’ve got a kangaroo loose in the top paddock fair enough.

But if you don’t. If you do find some value in what they are saying then please take the time to do a little research of your own and make up your own mind.

And the next time a politician, banker, corporate spokesperson or international industrialist tells you that “they had no other choice” please remember the wise words of the philosopher Eric Hoffer:

            “Those in possession of absolute power can not only prophesy and make their prophecies come true, but they can also lie and make their lies come true.”

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