Jeremy Corbyn Destroys Owen Smith on Question Time.

Corbyn recently hammered Owen Smith on BBC Question Time. Smiths campaign appears to be over but it remains both nonsensical and is destroying its own chances of electoral success. They rely heavily on poll data. But looking at the polls simply demonstrates the damage they are doing to the Party and the left. Read here to discover more.


The Nice Truck Attack – A Unified Response Is Needed From All Critical Thinkers.

The Nice truck attack is the appalling slaughter of innocent men women and children. However, it is already being used to call for more bombing and further erosion of civil liberties. Yet those who criticise these policy responses to terror events find it almost impossible to have their voices heard. I argue here that if the “truth movement” wants to have offer genuine criticism it must unite. These senseless deaths demand it.


How The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Unmasks The EU.

Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) appears, at first glance, to be a sensible way to standardise regulations for an unregulated industry. However what it reveals is the true nature of the EU (and it aint good.) Read more here to discover how the Tobacco Products Directive unmasks the EU.


The Gaping Hole In The UK Recovery.

The 2014 Budget statement from the Chancellor George Osborne was full of self congratulation. The opposition seemed somewhat dumbfounded by the impressive growth figures Osborne could point to as justification of his policies. Unfortunately for Mr Osborne the recovery appears to be fundamentally flawed. A closer look at the underlying figures reveals a far from encouraging picture. Read here to find out more.

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The Federal Reserve Is Destroying America.

Apparently the recovery is under way and there are real signs of improvement in the economy. But improvement for whom? With over $4T of new money sloshing around in the U.C economy what have been the gains felt by the majority of the population. Who has benefited from the quantitative easing policies forced upon the Federal Reserve by the financial institutions. Let’s look at the facts.