Brexit: Is It The New Somme? Some Seem To Think So.

I know the MSM is simply the propaganda bureau of the global elite but their conduct in the UK, following the British referendum result, has shocked even me.

As I buttered my toast on Monday morning I listened with initial scorn, and then growing revulsion, as the BBC repeatedly reported the same falsehood.

In the short time it took me grab the coffee pot and hurl it at the telly, they’d stated, as “fact”, on 3 separate occasions, that 75% of under 25’s had voted to remain. Presumably they simply repeated the earlier lie of the Guardian.

This was a calculated deception, pure and simple.

Of course the BBC researchers knew full well that only 39% (some say 36%) of the UK’s youth actually bothered to vote. So, that’s roughly 25% of under 25’s, not 75% as they claimed. There were no exit poles for this data so researchers would have needed to base their opinion upon independent polls like this.

But, not happy just to lie to millions of British people heading to work (perhaps setting the tone of conversation for the day) the BBC then went on to draw some startling conclusions from their own lie. They pronounced that, had the young people turned out in greater numbers, it would have reversed the vote in favour of remain.

This was said with all the authority of a Papal decree.

Which is ironic really seeing as it was a statement that was clearly based upon faith rather than any empirical evidence.

The truth is that, whilst turnout amongst under 25’s was slightly below the national average in metropolitan areas (notably London) it was considerably lower still in regions that voted heavily in favour of leave. So, had the youth in those areas bothered to stir from their love pits long enough to vote, the chances are it would have been a clearer victory for Leave.

This finding, based upon very simple and easy research, is of course the precise opposite of the conclusion drawn by the BBC. However, their illogical, unfounded, pilitically driven opinion, issued by speaker-drones, was still fervently rammed down everyones’s throat as i it was an indesputable fact.

Yet it was the intent of this lie that so appalled me. It’s not like division in the UK isn’t bad enough at the moment. A concern that escaped them completely.

Clearly, this flagrant propaganda was designed to increase division; to separate one age group from another; to cause the young metropolitan elite to “blame” others for their own defeat; to lay the seeds of decent for the future; to divide and conquer in other words.

I made it through the rest of the day and, by purposefully refusing to read or listen to any news whatsoever and by the power of special brew, I managed to avoid blowing a gasket.

I made it through Tuesday as well. I’m nothing if not committed to the cause.

Pleased with my efforts, I treated myself and settled down to watch BBC Newsnight.

This went some way to restoring my flagging faith in the MSM as a reasonable information resource. I have long seen them as a kind of basis for research.

They suggest a topic and I make my fumbeling attempts find out if anything they’ve said is true.

I am determined to keep trying. I’ll find some truth one day.

During that program, the BBC reported Merkel’s placating speech to her own parliament earlier. She expressed the opinion that Britain couldn’t “cherry pick” rights without accepting the obligations that go with it.

This was clearly intended as reassurance for both her own pro EU parliamentary colleagues and the fretful remaining EU member states.

Merkel was legitimately stating her opinion that the UK cannot expect access to the EU single market without accepting the “freedom of movement” principle.

As someone who voted to leave the EU, but is not concerned that immigration is a problem in itself (it is rather the woeful neglect of the communities heavily impacted by immigration,) I wasn’t particularly worried about this rhetoric. There is clearly good economic reason to leave the EU.

This is the start of a negotiation process. Nobody is likely to approach it by declaring precisly what they are willing to concede from the outset (unless they are hopeless dullards – which Merkel most certainly isn’t.) I felt that her statement was entirely understandable, when seen in context.

To be fair, this was discussed on Newsnight. In contrast to Merkels rousing speech to the troops, they reported that the noises coming out of the German Finance Ministry were far from dismissive of the UK’s position. The writing on the wall seemed to indicate that the Germans were looking to cut a deal.

Clearly I wasn’t the only person to take encouragement from the movement of the quiet people.

On Wednesday morning the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 (UK stock exchange) were both up and Sterling had bounced back a little.

Maybe a reduction in the value of the pound could prove an aid to rebalancing the economy away from a service to a production economy. Who knows?

Such market volatility is to be expected given the political upheaval of the referendum result.

Like I said, no need to panic.

I actually rode off to work feeling quite upbeat. I reasoned that, with the Germans looking to deal, we could secure both our democratic autonomy and access to the single market. Sure, accepting free movement would need to be part of the equasion. Those motivated by racism wouldn’t like it but, frankly, so what.

I’m sure there is a significant body of leave voters, who dislike racists, and remain voters, who mistrust the EU. I felt optimistic that both sides could come to accept a kind of ‘Norwegian plus’ type deal.

So optimistic was I that I then made the critical error of buying a newspaper.

Now this is something I rarely do and I struggled a bit with my choice. Partly because I’d forgotten what a dire, sprawling shower of shite most of them are.

Seeing as most of them are simply policy statement pamphlets for various corporate and political interests, I nearly gave it a miss, but did eventually stump up the 40p for ‘the i.’

What a mistake that was. Now I know ‘the i” is owned by Johnston’s Press the, pro Scottish independence plc. However I purchased the rag because I had expected a modicum of balance in it’s reporting. How wrong was I?

Their EU coverage started with a headline “Merkel dashes Cameron’s hopes of a deal on migrants and the single market.” OK, this is a headline, so fair enough. I still felt confident that somewhere amidst this story would be some objectivity. But no! Not a single mention of the conciliatory noises emanating from the German Finance Ministry.

Then I read the considered words of columnist Ben Chu. He states the opinion that, in a post Brexit UK, “young people are now facing a future where they cannot work, travel and study……” He then added that “Brexit will make the future generations poorer than they would otherwise be.”

Wow! With economic clairvoyance skills of that magnitude he should be president of the World Bank rather than some opinionated hack in a British rag with a dwindling readership.

Of course he doesn’t know if any of this is true. He just thinks you should believe it.

Nobody can predict any long term economic effects with any certainty. Least of all confused pseudo-economists like Mr Chu.

Then John Carlin spewed his diatribe all over my day.

He described leave voters like this:
“……the British majority on whom the toxic rhetoric of Nigel Farage had much the same influence as beer on the hooligans who follow England footballers.”

He then proceeded to proclaim that leave voters “take a greater interest in football, soap operas, reality television or talent contests.”

Now you would think that any bigot would be fairly satisfied with their self righteous proclamations at this point. But not John Carlin.

This is how he describes remain voting Londoners:
“British Londoners live in the most cosmopolitan capital in the world, and cohabit or work with foreigners every day, whom they value for the economic and cultural wealth they bring and whom they acknowledge to be as recognisably human as they are.”

Then, comparing the metropolitan and Scottish remain voters to [English] leave voters, this simple minded, short sighted member of the self-appointed liberal glitterati said:
“Scots possess in greater abundance the knowledge and mental faculties required to distinguish between what is in their best interests and what is not.”

Honestly! I’m not making this shit up.

There is no doubt that Brexit has come as a bit of a shock to the minority who wrongly assumed they were the majority. But there is no excuse at all for this kind of unrestrained bile and bigotry.

Nor is there any excuse for scaremongering on the scale indulged by Matthew Norman. In his thusting column he wrote about “the horror of Brexit,” and said “this is an act of self-destructive insanity.”

To be honest there may have been some balance in the rest of this pamphlet somewhere. I simply couldn’t stomach reading it anymore.

These self-aggrandising, metropolitan elites have had their cosy little worlds turned upside down, and now they’re frightened.

They are clearly totally incapable of facing any adversity at all without letting their thinly veiled spite and vitriol spill out through their lying teethe.

They appear to be literally incapable of accepting, yet alone understanding, anyone’s perspective other than their own.

They speak about equality, about social justice, freedom and human rights but simply refuse to recognise those of any  who dare reject their cosseted, pampered view of the world.

But it’s not as if “the i” or the BBC are alone in their peculiar brand of jingoism. One that values the centralised rule of a bureaucratic super state over their own hard one democratic independence.

It’s everywhere.

What we are seeing now is the true face of an establishment that has controlled the so called ‘free press’ for hundreds of years.

Whatever happens, millions of us will never forget what the moneyed classes really thought about the people that sweep their roads, clean their houses, care for their children and, at the end, empty their commodes.

At a time when we are again being reminded to honour the memory of soldiers slaughtered during another economic war in France 100 years ago, we should abide by the dictum “lest we forget.”

Lest we forget indeed!

These were ordinary men. They weren’t perfect. Some of them beat their wives and others their children to. They fought in bars, spat in the street, farted and committed crime. They worked hard to support their families. They did their best. They were men.

They never needed to take the Kings uniform to prove it.

They were also friends, brothers, lovers, husbands and loving fathers. They were mainly working men and some were not.

And we should remember them. We should remember the love that they shed for us on that horrific day.

But we need to be very clear about why we remember them.

They didn’t die to protect a flag. They didn’t suffer interminably so that corrupt politicians, newspaper moguls and corporate parasites could trample our rights into the ground.

They did it because they were protecting the people they loved.

They were fighting what they believed to be a clear and immediate danger to us all.

If they could have done it without dying they would. But many couldn’t. They did it anyway.

Not because they were motivated by fear or hatred.

Because they fought for love.

We can only honour them if we do the same.

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