9/11 Conspiracy Theory explained

To many, the idea that 9/11 was an example of conspiracy theory in action is a no brainer. However others think that these so called “conspiracy theorists” are, at best, idiots but also probably communists and terrosit sympathisers who want to destroy democracy and the western way of life. So why do these people believe that the official narrative of 9/11 doesn’t add up?


Geopolitics – What Is It ?

Some awareness of geopolitics is a central tenet of many peoples co called conspiracy theories. But with the term having such a pejorative meaning these days should people who are concerned about geopolitics distance themselves from it? Well in order to understand if that’s the case you firstly need to have an idea about what geopolitics are and why the term conspiracy theory has become a description for those widely perceived as being fucking mental.


The Pros and Cons of Globalization

What are the pros and the cons of globalization? What is it and how does it affect our economy, culture and political landscape? Here, in very broad economic terms, we talk about how globalization presents all of us with some fantastic opportunities. We also look at some of the pitfalls and the safeguards needed to ensure that globalizations isn’t a force for ill. Check it out you hoopy froods.


Stop Believing In Science and Start Stating Facts.

By saying that we believe in evolution are we suggesting there is an alternative explanation? Do we believe the Earth is 4.54 billion years old or is it simply a fact. By using our language cautiously are we allowing others with unproven, subjective ideologies the opportunity to masquerade faith as science. I suggest that we can both change the nature of the debate and future understanding if we are more confident instating evidential fact.


What Is A Secular Society ?

What is a secular society? Many claim it is a blueprint for religious oppression and a ploy by an atheist liberal elite to undermine democracy. But is this really the case? Does secularism favour atheism of religious faith? Is it an attempt to redefine society by rendering faith an abomination? To answer this we need to look at what secularism does and does not stand for. What are it’s defining principles.


How Can I Make A Difference In The World – In 2 Easy Steps

If you’ve ever asked how can I make a difference in the world then this post will reveal the two steps you need to take in order to make a positive change. By making changes in our own lives and moving towards the things that are important to us we can start to make a change that matters.


Difference Between Micro And Macro Economics – Part 4

In Part 4 of this 4 part series we look at the difference between micro and macro economics and the problems that traditional analysis overlooks. By failing to account or he activities of the top 1% economic elite and by failing to understand the monetary system we show why classical micro and macro economic analysis is flawed.