Is John Nicolson a Brainwashed Dupe?

The so called “awakening”, that many in the “truther” movement are convinced is imminent, is, I suggest, nowhere in sight. Witness (as admittedly inconclusive evidence) John Nicolson on the BBC Andrew Marr program this morning (18/12/2016.) In a brief roundup some of the major news stories of 2016 the guests were asked to choose an[…]


Jeremy Corbyn Destroys Owen Smith on Question Time.

Corbyn recently hammered Owen Smith on BBC Question Time. Smiths campaign appears to be over but it remains both nonsensical and is destroying its own chances of electoral success. They rely heavily on poll data. But looking at the polls simply demonstrates the damage they are doing to the Party and the left. Read here to discover more.


The Nice Truck Attack – A Unified Response Is Needed From All Critical Thinkers.

The Nice truck attack is the appalling slaughter of innocent men women and children. However, it is already being used to call for more bombing and further erosion of civil liberties. Yet those who criticise these policy responses to terror events find it almost impossible to have their voices heard. I argue here that if the “truth movement” wants to have offer genuine criticism it must unite. These senseless deaths demand it.


Why Understanding 9/11 Is Vital Today.

Many people struggle to accept the New World Order project and simply reject any argument highlighting it as a ‘conspiracy theory.’ People who do understand it generally came to the realisation through their own research. So, if we want people to realise the truth, how do we encourage them to reject the mainstream media and think for themselves. In this post I argue that 9/11 is the possible key.


How The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Unmasks The EU.

Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) appears, at first glance, to be a sensible way to standardise regulations for an unregulated industry. However what it reveals is the true nature of the EU (and it aint good.) Read more here to discover how the Tobacco Products Directive unmasks the EU.